Margaux Crump
10_You excite me the way your gaze touches my body.jpg

You excite me the way your gaze touches my body

You excite me the way your gaze touches my body.

Fluorescing minerals, fluorescent ink, silk, wood, longwave UV flashlight.

6 x 65 x 6 inches


Fluorescence in minerals occurs when a specimen is illuminated with specific wavelengths of light. The scientific term for this is excitement. The light excites electrons within the atomic structure of the mineral. These excited electrons temporarily jump up to a higher orbital within the mineral's atomic structure. When those electrons fall back down to their original orbital, a small amount of energy is released in the form of light.

In this work, I’m playfully imagining rock sexuality and creating a situation wherein humans and rocks have an intimate relationship. The light is a surrogate for our gaze. The rocks feel us looking at them, they become excited by our lighted gaze and have a release of energy, or what I like to imagine as en explosion of rock passion.