Margaux Crump


Margaux Crump is an American artist whose objects, drawings, and texts tease out the slippery relationship between power, intimacy, and desire.


I believe in breaching binaries. 

My work explores the slippery relationship between power and the body—specifically how it manifests in language, taxonomy, and intimacy. I’m both fascinated and horrified by how human animals organize the world.

How we define body is anthropocentric and limiting. In my work, the body is expanded. It exists both as organic and inorganic, matter and spirit, sculpture and text. It reveals points of overlap—moments wherein binary constructs dissolve and we catch glimpses of ourselves in the other. At once object and subject; animal and plant; masculine and feminine, this broadened understanding of the body encourages us to imagine a more complex spectrum of experience that is organized not by either/or but by and



Margaux Crump is an interdisciplinary artist who is based in Houston, TX. She was born in 1989 under a dark moon. Margaux enjoys long walks, the smell of musky roses, playing with kittens, and perusing the grocery store for phallic produce.