Margaux Crump


Margaux Crump is an American artist whose objects, drawings, and texts tease out the slippery relationship between power, intimacy, and desire.


My work explores the slippery relationship between power and the body—specifically how it manifests in language, taxonomy, and intimacy.  

Here, the body is expanded. It exists both as flesh and non-flesh, organic and inorganic, sculpture and text. It reveals points of overlap—moments wherein binaries dissolve and we catch glimpses of ourselves in the other. At once cultural and natural; human and animal; masculine and feminine, this understanding of the body encourages us to imagine a more complex spectrum of experience that is organized not by either/or but by and. 

I ground my interdisciplinary practice in a deep relationship with materials. I believe that when we name, classify, and use materials, we imbue them with cultural meanings that are inherently limited by our narrow human understanding of the world. Along that vein, I view my works as assemblages of both the materials’ physical characteristics and their assigned meanings. Currently, I am investigating mineral and plant aphrodisiacs, deer attractants, makeup, sex-safe silicone, lab simulated diamonds, antlers, fishing lures, macroalgae, and ultraviolet light.